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If you have any questions about EFT or about my service then please feel free to contact me, give me a call or pop me a text or an email and we can have a chat.

With EFT you no longer have to continue living life filled with negative emotions. Even if you have been living with these emotions for a lifetime EFT can help.

Age has nothing to do it, there are no limits on age, you have the same ability to release negative emotions at the age of 80 as you do at the age of 16.. It's never to late to release negative emotions, and its never too early to start..

Don't worry how distressing, embarrassing, shameful or hurtful a topic may seem to you, nothing is of limits when it comes to EFT, I have spoken with and helped individuals overcome some of the most shameful, embarrassing and distressing moments of their life. I have helped individuals release on topics from Rape, PTSD, Childhood Trauma, Physical and Sexual Abuse, to Fears and Phobia's, Letting go of Painful Memories, overcoming Stresses, Low Self Worth, dealing with the death of loved ones, sex and sexual problems, and anything and everything in between.

Nothing is off limits, no matter how embarrassing or how powerless you might be feeling right now; It's better getting it out of your system and experiencing permanent release then keeping it locked inside where it can manifest into something else.

I am dedicated in providing you with true professionalism, privacy and courtesy to the highest standards practiced by all EFT Facilitators. I am a certified member of the International Institute from Complementary Therapists, having completed EFT AAMET TRAINING COURSES LEVEL 1, 2 and 3 over the past decade.


More Info About Me

If your wanting to find out a little more about me then please take a look at my about page, if your wanting to book a session then please contact me on the above number, simply text or call me.. If your wanting to find out a little more about the cost of a session please look here.