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Does It Really Work, How Does It Work

EFT offers individuals the opportunity to let go of negative emotions connected with negative or traumatic experiences. And for many individuals this actually becomes their first time in a long time when true peace can be felt, when they are finally able to experience and discover true bliss and freedom from the effects of past negative events.

What is so different with EFT as apposed to conventional therapies is that the results can be instant and long lasting, a lifetime of negative emotions can be released in as little as one session of EFT.

EFT works because it allows your mind to focus in on the real issues, but more to the point it allows you to focus on the emotions behind the issues enabling you to release them effortlessly.

It really is that simple.. There is no need to make this sound any more complicated then it is. We are not involved in the process of psychology, so you don’t need to unload a lifetime of stuff before getting any sort of relief. With EFT you start experiencing relief the moment a session starts.

EFT is fast, its fun, and its easy to learn. But I would be a fool to say that you could become a professional at EFT in just moments. Like all EFT Practitioners we dedicate ourselves to learning and honing this skill so that we can help clients release years and decades of emotional trauma in as little as a single session.

However I never leave you on your own, after we complete a session of EFT I always leave you with tips and tricks and guide you through a very simply process where upon you can let go of other negative emotions yourself with ease; even if you have no idea what your doing, or if your doing EFT correct, I can still have you releasing on your own.


Can EFT Help Me ?

If you have negative emotions surrounding an event or specific time in your life then EFT can be used to let go of those negative emotions.

EFT can be used on almost anything (big or small): from helping to overcome ultra sensitive and long term emotional distress from such things as Child Abuse and Childhood Trauma, Rape, PTSD, Military Issues, Not Feeling Loved, Feelings of Unworthiness or Hopelessness, Feelings of Helplessness, fears and phobia’s, and the list goes on and on..

If you doubt EFT will help you, if your feeling that its not possible such a silly simple process will work and give you long lasting results, “then your not alone”. Hundreds before you have felt that same way, in fact many moons ago when I was first looking for a way to release my own personal hurts I too was very skeptical when I found my way to EFT – read my story here..

If you doubt that something this simple will work for you then that’s the right place to be. Take that doubt along with you and see for yourself how effective EFT can be, I have helped individuals let go of a lifetime of pain in as little as one session of EFT.

EFT doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t matter what your negative issue is, as EFT can help.


EFT And The World Stage

EFT is being used worldwide by psychologists, counselors, doctors, nurses, teachers, mums and dads, and individuals all over the globe to help themselves and others overcome life long emotional trauma.

EFT is fast becoming this Centuries leading practice in the area of emotional trauma. EFT works and continues to work even where other conventional therapies are failing, which explains why so many professionals are now looking to EFT as the solution.

There is no need for you to go though life with negative emotions..

Would now be the time for you to let go; why not make an appointment today and see how EFT can change your life


Your Never Too Old

Your never too old to let go of emotional pain. It doesn’t matter how old you are; you can be a grandmother or grandfather whom has suffered in silence from childhood trauma your whole life. In fact you might be thinking that your too old to let go, too old to find relief, or you might be thinking its too late for me I don’t have time for therapy.

Well its never to late to find relief, why spend another 1, 5, 10, or 20 years on the planet suffering with the effects of emotional pain. Just because you have lived with your emotional trauma for decades it doesn’t mean you wont be able to let go in just moments. Just because you have spent years in therapy with no real result doesn’t mean you wont be able to let go in as little as a single session with EFT. Why would you want to spend another moment on this wonderful planet suffering with the ongoing effects from emotional trauma.

This is why EFT is fast becoming the tool of many leading therapists around the globe, because it doesn’t matter how old you are, as you can still let go of deep emotional trauma in as little as a single session. Imagine if all it took was a single EFT Session to be free from trauma, if all it took was an hour or two out of your life?



Your Never Too Old To Find Relief


Never To Young

Your never too young to learn EFT and your never to young to let go of emotional pain. There is no point in going through the rest of your life suffering from negative emotions or the effects of emotional trauma.

If your a parent and your child or teenager needs help to let go of emotional trauma it can be a very devastating thing to live with. The feelings of helplessness your going through watching your son or daughter knowing everything you know has not been able to help.

I have seen children deal with and overcome many issues, some sever emotional and traumatic, but I have also helped many overcome issues that seem trivial to adults yet to young children they are life transforming.. For example; One of the most personal and wonderful experiences that comes to mind is how I was able to help my 10 year old niece overcome her issues with her parents break up, and of how she was now having to deal with her parents hugging other children (whom came with their new partners)

One of the most magnificent side effects of EFT is that it can be taught to young people, whilst they might not know everything and might not be perfect at it, they can still use it and get results from using it. Which means they can be left with a tool that they can use for the rest of their lives.



Your Never Too Young To Let Go


EFT is a very simple process, yet It’s effects can be life changing



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