Site Disclaimer

Please be aware that whilst EFT has produced remarkable results in clinical applications it is still considered in the experimental stages. Thus you are responsible yourself for the application of EFT and take full responsibility for its use. Any material provided on this site, or made available through this site is done so with the knowledge that you accept full responsibility for its use, even if you receive first hand information or a one on one consult from anyone associated with this site. We are not licensed health professionals, should you experience any side effects or any other issues, then we suggest you seek advice from qualified health professionals. We also strongly advise that EFT not be used as a replacement, and you may want to seek additional advice before continuing with EFT. Whilst I am listed as an EFT Practitioner I provide this service as a Life Coach and do so with the knowledge that you accept full responsibility for its use.

My Experience:

In our current environment I am required to provide the disclaimer (above) and to state that whilst I am registered as an EFT Practitioner I am considered a Life Coach.

Personally I have not read about nor seen anyone experience any side effects from performing EFT, and in the 10 years I have been on this path I am yet to see anyone experience anything other than positive results.

Traditional Western Medicine prevents EFT Practitioners from making excessive claims as to the effectiveness of EFT. I believe this is because EFT has become a scare on the face of those professional bodies and organizations simply because it continues to break ground where traditional therapy cannot.

Yet what I have seen over the last 5 years is a complete 180 turn around with many professional studies by leading organizations around the globe as to the effectiveness of EFT; which is now changing attitudes. In fact I now see many Doctors, Psychologists and Therapists are now migrating into using EFT in their practices, and as such I have met many of these same individuals when attending courses and seminars, which is great, its perfect for them and their clients.

Why are we now seeing Doctors, Psychologists and Therapists going down this path? I Feel its because EFT works and continues to work where traditional therapies fail to achieve long lasting results. We know from numerous studies that there are large portions of our hospital beds filled with individuals with ailments brought on by stress and a whole range of other issues that can be helped with simple tools such as EFT.


Yet there is One Point I Choose to Mention

Whilst I have never heard or personally seen anyone experience any unwanted side effects there is one point to mention, so its best to be up front and mention it here.

EFT can sometimes work like layers of an onion. As you peal back a layer of an onion you find another layer underneath. So sometimes it may seem that some other memories have been disturbed after a session of EFT and this can make some individuals feel uneasy with the process.. But as for me and many other EFT Practitioners we find that this is natural and can actually be very beneficial as it can help you to let go at a far deeper level.

For example; I once dealt with a lady who had experienced intense child sexual abuse from the ages of 8 to 13. She finished our first session with complete joy on her face for the first time in years, she was now experiencing some happiness for the first time in her adult life. In the following days before our next EFT Session she noticed that some of the forgotten aspects of the abuse came to light, and with this she then experienced some addition emotional stress towards these new memories. And maybe even a little unwanted fear about EFT itself.

From an EFT Perspective these memories had always been there just under the surface, so as she released some of the roar hurt that had been a constant in her life she was now able to see some of the other aspects of the abuse she had suffered.

This is why I like to point out that sometimes emotions can be like the layers of an onion, as we clear a layer there can sometimes be other emotions just under the surface...

However sometimes its also equally good to think of your emotions as a forest of trees.. Sometimes you have to cut down a lot more of the trees before you get the release you have been seeking, and at other times just cutting down one tree will make the rest of the forest fall over. So sometimes the layers of the onion just disappear...

This is why I usually stress the importance of committing to more than one EFT Session. Its obvious that some topics may only require one session to get total release, yet sometimes it might take 2 or 3 sessions. Its always impossible to know beforehand what might occur as every individual is different as we have all lived different lives with different experiences..

What happened with the lady in the story I mentioned above; Well she returned for a 2nd session of tapping, and even a follow up 3rd session (if only just to confirm that all was good), by this stage she had begun to experience a whole new Life for herself. She still has the memory to some of the events, this is because EFT is not about brain washing, however the roar negative emotional attachment that had caused her so much shame and distress for all these years was completely gone, which meant that for the first time in her adult life she was now able to live and finally focus on living.

After all life is for the living, and as such it is meant to be lived...