About John Williamson


Let me give you an insight into who I am and where I have come from.

I have been on what might be called a personal growth path for the past couple of decades; In fact I woke one morning whilst in my 20’s and realized things in my life were not going the way I had expected them to. This subsequently led me down a road where I started to question everything in my life from spirituality to the metaphysical and even to the physical environment around me.

This personal growth story has seen me read and consume many many books, listen to many audio programs and attend many seminars along the way..

My involvement with EFT and eventually choosing to become an EFT Practitioner all started some 11 or so years ago.

Although becoming involved with EFT initially wasn’t by choice; its not something someone suddenly decides to do after a long nap, you don’t suddenly wake up one day and decide “heh let’s become an EFT Practitioner”. Individuals usually find their way to EFT due to an obstacle in one’s path, and believe me I had a big obstacle I needed to overcome, because at that time in my life I found myself suffering from panic attacks.

This of course was a sudden shock to my system, it was something that didn’t agree with my personal ego. Being an egotistical male (at that time in my life) and having grown up in an environment where these types of things were in your head, and having also served in the military where I found myself serving with the UN in Africa, the last thing I expected was for my head to malfunction (that’s the story I kept telling myself at the time).

After conventional therapies such as sitting down with doctors and psychologists had failed to help me in releasing the effects of my panic attacks, I was actually left on my own to figure out how to heal myself. I agree that visiting with a psychologist did help me to get a better understanding of what was going on, and had helped to take some of the edge off the panic attacks, but in the end my psychologist admitted that there was nothing else she could do to help me as I had exhausted this avenue, I was told that I had to learn to live with it and to somehow manage it.

“Manage it, she had to be kidding”….   How was someone going to manage a panic attack. But that’s as far as conventional sit down therapy has reached, so I was left on my own to figure it out for myself.

It was at this time that I went looking for other ways to heal myself, this took me down many many roads that seemed to lead nowhere, but eventually I came across this thing called EFT.. Nothing else had worked thus far and I hadn’t given up on finding a cure, so I figured I might as well give it a look. It took some time and a lot of personal study but eventually I was able to completely release the panic attacks (and they never returned).

As I had already been down many roads that had taken me nowhere I was reluctant to seek out an EFT Practitioner as I initially thought EFT would fail like everything else. Looking back now I know I would have been able to release the panic attacks in one tenth of the time if I had taken the steps to see a practitioner.

However on the flip side I might not be here now working as an EFT Practitioner if I had not gone down the path and taken that longer route; so today I am happy I went down the path I choose.

After my own personal success with releasing panic attacks I then went on to release many other issues that had plagued me from my childhood, to events in my teens, and a whole swag of other events that held emotional trauma. I had become a mad man almost possessed as I would tap anywhere at any time to release whatever was coming up.

This of course did not go down to well with the rest of the family. I would often be seen tapping whilst shopping, in the car, outside my children’s school, and anywhere else when negative emotions surfaced. I had the view that there was nothing like the present, so if a negative emotion showed up then I got tapping right away. Eventually I found as I cleared more stuff that the need to tap as often diminished.

My motto: “its better out then in”

I feel that my own personal experience has made me a better EFT Practitioner, far better than I could have ever become had I not gone through those tough times in my life. I guess I have the panic attacks to thank for this, as I might not have even gone down this path and I might never have found my way to EFT without having suffered them.

Today I love nothing more than being able to help someone overcome and let go of negative emotions.. To me it doesn’t matter how big or how small the emotional discomfort is, because if its effecting you in any way then it should be released, and EFT is the right tool for the job.