Are You New To EFT

If you have only just heard about EFT you might be wondering what all the fuss is about, and more to the point you might be wondering how such a simple process can have long lasting effects.

In fact if you are like me then you might even be shaking your head right now wondering if this is all just a sham, and maybe it doesn't really work..




Almost a decade ago I stumbled across EFT when I was searching for a way to overcome some of my own issues. In fact I had some major stuff that other professionals were unable to help me resolve. So after going down the path of dealing with other professionals and receiving no release I was very skeptical of anything that claimed to work. So yes the first thoughts that came to my mind after stumbling across EFT was that this had to be a sham, why and how would this work.

I am glad to say that those thoughts didn't last for long, and in a short period of time I was converted. At first my family thought I had gone mad, or at least even crazier then I already was. As they started seeing me tapping on my face, my chest, under my arm, my head and making a whole lot of statements that didn't make much sense to them at that time.

My wife dismissed it as just another one of my crusades, but I am sure she was cringing at the thought of me tapping in public. As she would often catch me tapping when out and about and would quickly tell me to stop as I looked like a crazy person.


The First Time I Saw Something Amazing

My first real experience with using EFT on another person was with a relative whom ran back into our house after seeing our chickens. This sort of shocked me as I was not expecting to see a grown lady run back into our house because our chickens were out pecking about in the grass.

She went on to explain about a run in with a rooster when she was just a little girl, and ever sense she has had this uncontrollable fear of being attacked by anything that resembled a rooster.

By this time I was confident with EFT after having been exposed to it for some time (I had spent months and months healing my own crap by then) so I wanted to experiment on another person just to see what might happen..

Well to cut a long story short; after about 15 minutes of tapping I had her out in the backyard with the hens walking all around her, she was smiling as these hens walked all around her feet pecking at the ground... At that time she was just looking at me with a look that said "what the heck just happened".


Changing Your Life With EFT

That was almost a decade ago and to this day she has never once been afraid of hens. After her success with this fear we have also worked together to help overcome many other areas of her life where negative emotions existed.

Whilst I was already converted, I was totally convinced after this one single experience. As it was the first real opportunity I had to put this new skill into action; and more to the point I wanted to see if it would work for someone else, as up until this point I had only seen it work on myself.

Yes its true that everyone wont see instant results like my relative experienced above, some of you may need to have several complete sessions of EFT. But in the end that's OK, that's perfect, as whatever is needed for you to release is still better then having to live the rest of your life with whatever is holding you back.

"would you rather spend some time now, no matter how long it takes to let it go, or would you rather spend another 40 years suffering with your emotions"... In the end its your choice, but I know what I would choose..